Chapter 643 Events for 2018

DateTopic  Speaker
 Jan 15

Jan 27
Scholarship Winner
Chapter Member Survey & Discussion
Aviation Legal Issues for Pilots

Great Lakes Restoration
Members only visit to Joe Preston’s Workshop, 8:30-11:00AM
Frederick Slapa & Scholarship Committee
 Brent Connelly
 & all members 
Patrick Bradley

Joe Preston
 Feb 19Formation Flying
Member Survey & 2018 Plans
  Adam Silverstein
Brent Connelly
 Mar 19 Helicopter Aviation
Pilot Briefing on Cross Border Flying to Canada (part 1 & part 2)
 Meeting Summary
Tim Lelie
Don Kugler

 Apr 16

Apr 21
Membership Introductions
Adventures of a “Missileer”
Meeting Summary

 Young Eagles Rally
All Members
Rich Kulesa

Frederick Slapa & all members 
May 21Volunteering in Aviation
  - Onsite at Airventure
                        - Restoring & Maintaining Warbirds
 Flying at High Altitude Airports
Meeting Summary

Bill & Sophia Shay
Tony & Robbie DeVergillo
Adam Silverstein

 Jun 16

 Jun 18
Innovations in Flight – Smithsonian, Dulles Airport

Chapter Field trip to Jerry Cotter’s Workshop
All Members

Jerry Cotter
 Jul 16All things AluminumJoe Preston
(meeting at lower hangars)
 Aug 20 Monthly MeetingAll Members
 Sep 8/9

Sep 17
 EAA 643 Fly-In

Chapter Update
All Members

All Members 
 Oct 15Monthly Meeting 
 Nov 19Monthly Meeting

 Dec 8 Holiday Party        All Members 

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